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Solar Panel Maintenance

We recommend you protect asset by ensuring that the panels are cleaned at least yearly. By cleaning the panels you will see an improvement on their performance of the output, by not cleaning your panels, you could be losing up to 30% of their efficiency in producing energy from things such as dust and bird droppings.

  1. We record the KW output of the system before cleaning;
  2. We provide all equipment and clean using the most appropriate method for the job;
  3. Advise you of the condition of the frames and mounts and take note of condition;
  4. Observe and report any shading issues on the panels;
  5. We record the KW Output of the system after cleaning;
  6. Provide a report on the spot for your reference;


The cost to carry out this maintenance is approximately $9.00 per panel. The price above does not include scaffold if required and we recommend a site inspection before booking.

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